Rabu, 16 Januari 2013

United Nations and Non-Self-Governing territories

The basic idea of the UN Charter is given in article 1, which in part 2 says "To develop friendly relations among nation based on respect for the principle of equal right and self-determination of people, and to take other appropriate measures to strengthen universal peace"

The Charter in chapter 11 provides respect for the equal rights & self-determination of Non-Self-Governing territories which are occupied by UN members by telling those UN nations how to treat the non-self-governing territories.

The Charter in chapter 12 defines a "Trusteeship System" by which the UN can occupy or administrate a non-self-governing territory, a "trust territory". The chapter allows options for either the UN or a member of the UN to be the colonial power to occupy and administrate the trust territory.

Finally, the Charter in chapter 13 creates a Trusteeship Council and explains obligations which the Trusteeship Council has towards non-self-governing territories which are subject to the Trusteeship System.

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  1. Recent research shows that Indonesia & America since 1962 have been lying about the motive & function of the 'New York Agreement'. The 'New York Agreement' functions as a UN trusteeship agreement; the idea was proposed in May 1959, in 1961 Indonesia indicated it would only sign the agreement if the public was not told that it was a trusteeship agreement.
    See ref: https://history.state.gov/historicaldocuments/frus1958-60v17/d203
    ref: https://history.state.gov/historicaldocuments/frus1961-63v23/d150